Visitor Tee Booking

Dress Code

We ask all members & visitors to Hallamshire to respect the Club’s Dress Code:

  • Smart casual clothing and appropriate footwear must be worn on the course and in the Clubhouse at all times
  • Shirts must be tucked into trousers on the course. Appropriate tailored shirts may be worn outside of the trouser only if they have been designed to do so
  • Collarless shirts designed specifically for golf may be worn.
  • Tailored Shorts are permitted and must be worn with predominantly white sport socks of any length. (Long socks of any colour may be worn)

The following items of dress are always unacceptable:

  • Untailored or sport shorts
  • 'Cargo' shorts or trousers
  • T- shirts
  • Tracksuits,
  • Denim jeans on the course (Smart jeans are permitted in the clubhouse)
  • Football / Rugby style shirts
  • Trainers/sandals (Ladies’ dress sandals, men’s leather sandals or very smart trainers are permitted in the clubhouse)
  • 'Beach-Style' Flip-flops or sliders