Visitor Tee Booking


We have a very active and friendly ladies section here at Hallamshire. Ladies of all ages and all abilities are most welcome to come along and join in with our growing membership of over 100 ladies.

My Golf Rules

1. When you have a bit of 'golf luck' you must take advantage of it

2. There is only a finite amount of golf luck on a course on any one day... sometimes one player receives it all!

3. When looking for a ball in the rough, 95% of the time it will be found within 10 yards of the players trolley/bag

4. The 'Wendy Chappell rule'.. only applies to the 7th hole at Hallamshire Golf Club:- If the ball is seen to bounce twice then it will be safe and playable. If not then take a provisional ball off the tee.

5. When the rough is rough then take a provisional ball even if you think that the ball will be 'just in the edge'.

6. After a rain shower, as soon as a waterproof jacket is removed it will start to rain again. An alternative version of this rule is that as soon as an umbrella is taken down, folded up and put away it will start to rain again.

7. Any game of golf especially a match is the same... it's not how you start it's how you finish.

8. In a match never concede a hole until your opponent's ball is on the green

9. When visiting any golf club all items in the pro shop need close inspection in case there is either a bargain or something you 'need'

10. When inspecting clothes in a golf shop the sale rail is always looked at first

11. On arriving at the club a player must always park as close as possible to the first tee/clubhouse/pro shop....even though they are about to walk 5 miles on the course.

Junior Girls Coaching

This week (8th June) saw the first Junior Girls coaching session. These sessions are run by Joe and are intended for girls new to golf. All ages are welcome, from 5- school leaving. They are taking place at 6 pm on Wednesdays. Any daughters or granddaughters plus friends are welcome to join in.

No equipment is needed. Suitable clothes for activity and trainers are fine.

My Golfing Life

The following are the experiences of some of the ladies at Hallamshire golf club. Golf, life, fun and friendship...


"Golf is not just an exercise; it's an adventure, a romance... a Shakespeare play in which disaster and comedy are intertwined. Harold Segall

I love golf, I play now as often as I am able to. I didn't actually know much about it before joining the club but I'm so glad that I did. I just had no idea what a wonderful game it is. Ladies' golf is completely different to men's. I found the ladies of the Hallamshire to all be welcoming and friendly and supportive. Many of them helped me whilst I was learning, played with me, marked cards for handicap for me, advised me and helped me to get better by beating me in matches! In fact, many are now great friends and we have wonderful days together at the club, in team matches, open am-am competitions and holidays in the UK and abroad.

Before I knew what golf was like I couldn't imagine how hitting the little ball round the same big field into small holes could be any fun. But I was wrong. It's the most exciting sport I've ever tried, the most frustrating sport I've ever tried and the most rewarding sport. Golf is really life, fun and friendship especially at Hallamshire!"

Val S (GP; golf addict; handicap 5)


"I have been a member of The Hallamshire Golf Club since 2000. I did not take up golf until I was in my 50’s as a husband and children, a full time job, other racket sports and a horse took up most of my time and I did not think I would be remotely interested in continually hitting a little ball up and down a field to get it into a little hole. How wrong I was!

My husband and son both played golf and were members of The Hallamshire. I had been so disrespectful about the game of golf, but when our horse died I knew I needed another sport to fill the gap. I decided to have some secret golf lessons and try and find out just what it was that made my husband and son so keen. After a few weeks of lessons, I too became hooked. The first moment I hit a clean strike with my 7 iron and the ball went straight was magical and I just wanted to keep on doing it.

I am resigned to the fact that I am never going to be a low handicap golfer as I now have 4 grandchildren who keep me very busy, but the joy I have had from being a member of the Ladies’ Section at The Hallamshire has been so rewarding. It is also good to be able to play with my husband and son and on a good day we have occasionally won the odd competition, which is an added bonus.

I met and made wonderful friends and when I retired there were other wonderful days out playing in Am-Ams on different courses and lots of fabulous golf holidays abroad with the girls, reminding me of the phrase “what goes on tour - stays on tour”.

How wrong I was about the game all those years ago. The Hallamshire is a warm and friendly club, a great course, wonderful welcoming members. If you are thinking of playing, book a few lessons through our Pro Shop and you too will enjoy the magic of hitting that little ball, do it today, you will not regret it."

Barbara B (ex teacher; past captain; handicap 30)

Team Golf at Hallamshire

One of the great things about women's golf in Yorkshire is that all women who wish to are able to play in club teams. YLCGA organise interclub leagues with teams playing home and away matches against 3 other clubs in Yorkshire during the first 4 months of the season. There is a draw made at the end of the preceding season and the captains arrange matches to suit schedules/diaries.

We have a relatively large ladies' section and we are able to 4 field teams.

Scratch - with no giving or receiving of shots. We have 2 scratch teams. Scratch 1 in division 1 and Scratch 2 in division 2.

Handicap 'A' - up to 25.

Handicap 'B' - 20 to 30

Weekend League (formerly ADP) - no handicap restriction but giving or receiving shots

Playing team golf is exciting and rewarding. We go to other lovely courses in Yorkshire and meet many lovely players. It's a great way to play other courses in a very cost effective manner (i.e free) and be guided around by a member (or played against!)

Scratch teams Hallamshire and Wakefield having 'afternoon tea' following a match April 2016.