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Code of conduct

Hallamshire Golf Club is committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination for members, employees, and guests. All members and guests are reminded that behaviour of a high standard must be maintained at all times, both on our facilities and in relation to all associations with Hallamshire Golf Club, either in a representative capacity or otherwise.
Unacceptable behaviour or language towards members, staff or visitors to the club will not be tolerated and disciplinary measures will be taken in all cases.

Please always adhere to the following:
• Discrimination of any kind is regarded as unacceptable behaviour. *
• Harassment or intimidation on any basis is regarded as unacceptable behaviour. *
• Excessive alcohol consumption whilst on or attending the club premises is not tolerated.
• The use of illegal substances is regarded as unacceptable behaviour. *
• Any person heard using foul and/or abusive language may be asked to stop or leave the premises. Instances of this nature should be reported to club management who will act where necessary.
Reports will be kept on file and if patterns of poor behaviour are established, further action will be taken.
On the Golf Course.
• All golfers must adhere to the rules of the game as determined by the R&A and the local rules which are relevant to the course.
• All golfers must conduct themselves in a sporting manner and always demonstrate the spirit of fair play.
• All golfers must take care of the course, including raking bunkers, repairing pitch marks, and replacing divots, golfers repeatedly reported to not be adhering to these points of etiquette will be subject to sanction under the disciplinary process.
• All golfers must always respect their fellow players, this includes ensuring that the following does not happen:
▪ Aggressive behaviour
▪ Misuse of equipment (e.g., throwing clubs)
▪ Shouting on the course.
• Dress must be as per the guidelines (available separately but broadly, smart golf wear)
• Mobile phones must be switched to silent and only used for calls in an emergency, other uses of devices such as for GPS etc. is permitted but must not impact negatively on fellow players.

Any member suspected or accused of unacceptable behaviour as characterised above will be subject to immediate suspension pending an investigation, with the penalty for such behaviour being termination of membership if proven, or if it is believed that on the balance of probability the behaviour did occur.

The Board reserves the right to act against anyone who shows disregard for any of the guidance outlined above, or any other behaviour that they deem inappropriate for the Club and its members.

Complaints may be made by any person and must follow the complaints procedure. Ideally any complaint should be logged within 7 days of the incident occurring, to avoid compromising any investigation.

The Club reserves the right to ask anyone breaching the code of conduct to leave the facility.