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Joint statement from the Directors of Hallamshire Golf Club and Molly Bryan

As members of the Club will be aware there was an incident which occurred between Molly Bryan and certain members of the Golf Club on the 12th September 2020 which gave rise to a complaint from Molly Bryan, unwanted publicity and significant difficulties for all concerned.

The Club board and Molly Bryan have with the assistance of Mr Martin McKervey (a member of the Club) been engaged in discussions with a view to resolving matters in a consensual and amicable manner.  Mr McKervey was involved with the permission and agreement of both the board and Molly Bryan.

The Directors of the Club are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with Molly Bryan in full resolution and satisfaction of the matters arising from the incident on 12 September 2020. 

The Directors of the Club will formally apologise to Molly Bryan to express its regret that she had such a poor experience whilst employed by the Club and the Club will make a payment to her in the sum of £5,000 for her to donate to a registered charity / charities of her choice. The agreement also prevents litigation between the Club and Molly Bryan arising from the incident and it significantly restricts what the Club or Molly Bryan are able to say about the incident other than what is set out in this joint statement and in the apology.

In the light of what has been learned from the incident, the Club has created a new Code of Conduct and introduced various new and updated policies with a view to ensuring that the Club at all times provides the safe and enjoyable environment that should be expected from Hallamshire Golf Club. These policies and the Code of Conduct will be strictly observed and enforced by the Club and accordingly all members should familiarise themselves with the policies and follow the Code of Conduct at all times in the future. Copies of the Club’s policies and the Code of Conduct can be found on the Club’s website.


Directors at Hallamshire Golf Club & Molly Bryan

2nd August 2021



We, the directors of Hallamshire Golf Club, apologise to all those involved and affected by the events of 12th September 2020. We acknowledge the weaknesses in our then policies and procedures, and that some were out of step with modern times. We confirm that there has now been an extensive review of our existing  policies and procedures and we have also developed; a new Code of Conduct, a Harassment and Bullying policy, an Equality and Diversity policy, a Public Interest Disclosure policy, a Social Media policy and a revised and updated Disciplinary policy.

In particular, we would like to apologise to our ex-member of staff, Molly Bryan, and to her family. We are very sorry that she had such a poor experience whilst employed by us. Her complaint led to a lengthy investigation, but the process and outcomes did not fully satisfy her concerns and left Molly and her family feeling very distressed and disappointed.

No member, guest, visitor or any member of our staff should feel unsafe or insecure when at the club. All are entitled to be treated with consideration and respect. We want and expect all golfers, all our staff and all guests and visitors to enjoy their experience of playing, visiting or working at Hallamshire Golf Club. We sincerely hope that our extensive review of all these policies and procedures has put us in a much better position to ensure that we provide the safe and enjoyable environment that should be expected from a club of our standing.


Directors at Hallamshire Golf Club

2nd August 2021